So here is the good news for all my friends and colleagues that believe they have had more than their fair share of suffering and setbacks. Nassir Ghaemi in his 2011 book A First-Rate Madness; Uncovering the links between Leadership and Mental Illness put forward the following hypothesis. He wrote “of course, everyone suffers. But life’s pain can come harshly or gently, earlier or later. For the lucky, suffering is less frequent, less severe, and delayed until it can’t be avoided. The unlucky, who early in their lives, endure hardships and tragedies –or the challenge of mental illness—seem to become, not infrequently, our greatest leaders”(p. 56). He further wrote that German Psychiatrist Ernest Kretschmer was the first modern researcher who noted a link between insanity and genius. Kretschmer said “If we removed the insanity from these people we would convert their genius into merely ordinary talent. Insanity is not a ‘regrettable…. accident’ but the ‘indispensable catalyst’ of genius (p. 17). So here is to embracing our inner madness.