Joshua’s Tree – A Background Paper 

Written by Wendy Dixon RN, MA Leadership Health, Founder

Psychosis Recovery: The Search for Innovation 

Joshua’s Tree is part of a growing global community of people committed to creating revolutionary change in the mental health landscape. Joshua’s Tree is committed to creating a new reality for individuals and families caught up in the turbulence of psychosis. Joshua’s Tree is a safe space where individuals who experience psychosis, their families, friends, employers, healthcare leaders, healthcare providers, human rights lawyers, advocates, researchers, politicians, policy makers, and concerned citizens can come together to share their stories and be present with one another.

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©Wendy Dixon, RN, MA Leadership Health, Founder 

Joshua’s Tree: A Proposal

There is a firestorm of heated discussions happening in Canada and around the world about how to provide services to the mentally ill. Fierlbeck (2011) put forward:

While the debate over what mental health is shifts as frequently as the debate over how to treat it, the fact that it plays an increasingly prominent role in health care expenditure alone means that policy makers will be forced to grapple with the way in which it is provided. The larger social issues surrounding the meaning of citizenship and inclusion will also manifest themselves into political pressure to which officials will have to respond. (pp. 196-197)

Psychosis is a health phenomenon that includes complex ethical, legal, social justice, human rights, economic, and medical components. If a transformative shift occurs in our treatment and service delivery approach to psychotic illness, there will be positive iterations felt throughout the entire mental health system.

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©Wendy Dixon, RN, MA Leadership Health, Founder