Marianne Williamson (1992) wrote:

A glass vase is meant to hold water. If more water is poured into the vase than its volume can contain, then the vase will shatter. So it is with our personalities. The power of God, particularly at this time, is pouring into us at a rapid pace and high velocity.  If our vessel, our vehicle – our human channel-is not prepared properly through devotion and deep reverence for life, then the very power that is meant to save us begins to destroy us. Our creativity, rather than making us personally powerful, then makes us hysterical. That is why creative power-God within us -is experienced as a double edged sword: if received with grace it blesses us; if received without grace it drives us insane.” p. 76.

Marianne goes on to write that “Miracles are everyone’s right” says A course in miracles, ‘but purification is necessary first. Impurities mental or chemical–pollute the system and desecrate the alter within. Our vehicle then can’t handle the experience of God. The waters of spirit rush into us, but the vase begins to crack. It’s not the flow of power we have to work on, God’s love is already pouring in as fast as we can handle it–but the preparedness with which we receive it” p. 77.


Psychiatrists in my past have diagnosed me with a medical disorder called Bipolar I.  I believe that diagnosis in no way defines me, my personality, or the experiences that I have.  I imagine the very narrow biomedical model of psychiatric care and their diagnostics do not work for most people going through any kind of spiritual experience or phenomenon in the developed world.   It is however all our socialized healthcare system has to offer. As one psychiatrist in a meeting of the ‘radical caucus’ of the American Psychiatric Association declared in trying to quell the psychiatric survivor anti diagnostic movement,  “we need diagnosis for billing purposes”. We have created a health care system in which non scientific labels need to be applied in order for people to get paid. Unfortunately the rest of the world believes the myth that they represent something that has some kind of biomedical marker.  They do not.  Not one of the over three hundred diagnoses in the Psychiatric industry have any biological marker that proves that a biological event in the body is occurring.  That made Psychiatric Rights founder Harvard educated lawyer Jim Gottstein to declare Psychiatry as a Fraudulent Industry.

In Wikipedia Psychiatry is defined as ‘medical care for the soul’.  But the Soul does not require ‘medical’ care. Pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures may need to be a tool in our health care tool box at our current level of consciousness but they should not be the only tools.  They should be two of a pallet of hundreds of options to reclaim what was intended to be a joy filled journey of life on this abundant planet.

First and foremost we must acknowledge that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and reconcile ourselves to God. God is perfect love.  This is where joy and peace reside.  This is where our spirit resides. There is no other place it can be found.  God is the truth, the way and the light. God is not the problem.  Never was. Free Will is our problem. God does not force himself on humans s/he must be invited to engage. The holy spirit is God’s ambassador trying to get our attention but  the Ego protects our body and its belief in separateness.  The Ego has no intention of going down without a fight and it will fight even to its own death if necessary.

We are each as individuals being called by the holy spirit to awake from this nightmare we have created.  Solutions and opportunities are embedded within our current reality. The holy spirit is calling us home we need to be still and listen.  Pay attention. There really are hidden messages specific to you and for you.  There are signs to guide you on your path. We have all been chosen by God.  We all came to this world with a specific purpose.  Our life, our situation is not something that is being done to us as we were in on the plan and volunteered for the job.  We chose this life. Not our parents, not some authoritative God, we chose it for ourselves. We simply can’t remember in our current level of consciousness.  There is no wrong way to do your life. There is no wrong choice.  No matter how horrible the consequences of our choices in this world. There is no way you can fall out of God’s grace because  God’s grace abides within you.  The solution’s we seek for our dying planet are not out there somewhere. They are within each and every one of us. We simply need to awaken and claim them.  The decisions we make every day, to love, to hate, to be afraid, create our reality.   Fear is always of  the Ego.  It is the Ego’s way of holding our spirits hostage.  Always call fear out for what it is. Fear only has power if we choose to surrender our will to it. Surrender our will to God and allow our spirits to soar. God is perfect love and perfect love is the spirit’s natural state. It is time for us to claim it as our own.

Wendy Dixon


Williamson M. (1992) A Return to Love. New York: Harper Collins.