QuantumQuantum Physics has resulted in the ground falling out from under us or perhaps it was never there to begin with? The discoveries of this new science are so disturbing, so perplexing that it is difficult to even grasp what it means. Wheatley(2006) wrote;

To live in a quantum world, to weave here and there with ease and grace, we need to change what we do. We need fewer descriptions of tasks and instead need to learn how to facilitate process. We need to become savvy about how to foster relationships, how to nurture growth and development. All of us need to become better at listening, conversing, respecting one another’s uniqueness, because these are essential for strong relationships. The era of the rugged individual has been replaced by the era of the team player. But this is only the beginning. The quantum world has demolished the concept that we are unconnected individuals. More and more relationships are in store for us, out there in the vast web of life. Even organizational power is purely relational. ( p. 39)

Wheatley, M. (2006). Leadership and the New Science; Discovering Order in a Chaotic World. San Francisco, CA: Barrett-Koehler.